Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cracking a New Egg

Wow. So this blog has totally been abandoned, eh?

Actually, it's not so much that I abandoned it as it is that my first post was such a god damn masterpiece that I decided to quit while I was ahead.


I'm like Margaret Mitchell y'all.

Instead of doing what I normally do when it comes to writing like procrastinating and procrastinating, then avoiding it all together like the plague, and then wondering why I'm not some hip member of the blogging community. And how come I'm not BFFs with some of my fave bloggers - they would TOTALLY heart me! And why am I not attending Blogher?? would help if I actually, ya know, BLOGGED once in awhile! Anyway instead of doing all that stuff I've been doing for like forever - I'm cracking a new egg!

I hereby commit to blogging everyday for a month! Every. Em. Effing. Day. Ha! Who can say that they do that? Barefoot Foodie? The Bloggess? Anissa? Ali? Krista Bella? Metalia? Nope! They can't! Because they don't post every day! I know because I check their blogs. Every. Day.

BTW...I was totally gonna start this on the first of May, but...well, you know...May 13 is just such a ROUND number!

I considered a commitment to post every day for an entire year, but didn't wanna set the blogging world afire with my trailblazing ways!

At least not yet.

So every I'm doing it. I swear!

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