Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Grateful (Part 1)

To help me move on from my miscarriage I have decided to take time each day this month to write and reflect on the things which I am grateful. My life is full and complete in many ways and I want to focus on the things which make my life worth living rather than concentrating on what I don't have.

I am Grateful For...

Day 1: My husband. He is my rock steady Eddie and the love of my life. He centers me and grounds me. He is my heart.

Day 2: My family. They are my support system. I have a loving mom and dad, two sisters that are my best friends, and a whole gaggle of nieces and nephews. My in-laws are awesome and they are there to support my husband and me whenever we need it.

Day 3: My job. I'm glad I have a place to wake up and go to everyday. It may not be the perfect job but it pays the bills. I don't bring my work home with me and I'm not stressed out.

Day 4: Date Night. Tonight my husband and I are going to the movies and out to dinner. I'm grateful that we can afford to do this. I'm grateful that we have the type of relationship where we enjoy doing these things together. And I'm grateful that right now we have the freedom to do it.

Day 5: Rainy Days. I'm grateful for rainy days like this one that allow me to lie around doing nothing guilt-free!

Day 6: Weekends. This has been my favorite kind of weekend. No schedule. No agenda. Spending time with my husband and dog. Laughing, eating good food, drinking cheap wine. Being in love.

Day 7: Common Sense. Some folks have zero common sense. Thank God I have at least some common sense. I probably don't have enough but I'll take the little I have.

Day 8: School. I am currently attending college in pursuit of my Associates degree in Paralegal studies. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do this so that I can make a career change.

Day 9: Nanay. We call my husband's grandmother Nanay (it's Filipino for mother) and she is leaving the U.S. next month. She has taught me much about loving and nurturing people. I will miss her so but am happy that I had the opportunity to spend time with her and to love her.

Day 10: Cooking. Over the past few years I have developed a passion for cooking and I'm pretty good at it! Last night I made homemade shepherd's pie from scratch, without a recipe. I look forward to the day that I have kids and they brag to their friends about their mom's home cooking.


  1. Awesome list - yay for date night and cheap wine!

  2. Being grateful for the things in your life is a great indicator of character :)

  3. This is lovely. It's so good to remember the good things and be grateful.