Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Grateful (Part 2)

To help me move on from my miscarriage I have decided to take time each day this month to write and reflect on the things which I am grateful. My life is full and complete in many ways and I want to focus on the things which make my life worth living rather than concentrating on what I don't have. For part one click here.

I am Grateful For...

Day 11: The South. I was born in the south and I love it. I love the food, the culture, the weather. Everything. I belong here. The south is in my blood. If I'm lucky I will live here forever. I used to reject being southern but now I embrace it. It's good to belong somewhere.

Day 12: Girl Time. I love girl time. I always say that men need hobbies and women need other women to talk to. When I spend time with my sisters and girlfriends I feel cleansed, refreshed, and like I can take on the world.

Day 13: Spring. I love this time of year. Today is sunny, 70 degrees, daylight savings has started. Gorgeous, breezy spring days make me feel like the possibilities for me are endless.

Day 14: Compliments. I was having a shitty day until a customer I haven't spoken with in over six years called. He remembered me from a previous company I worked at, and told me how happy he was to have found me and that there weren't many people like me left in our industry. Suddenly my shitty day became a great day.

Day 15: Pay Day. It fucking rocks.

Day 16: Diet Coke. Mmmm....sweet nectar of the Gods.

Day 17: Reconciliation. Today I am going to talk to one of my close friends who I have not spoken with in four months. It's been a rocky road but this is the first step to working on things. I'm grateful that we're trying.

Day 18: Vacation Days. Today my husband and I are each taking a vacation day. Our Agenda? Sit outside all day, enjoy the sunshine, watch March Madness games (he borrowed a flat screen T.V. from his office and has it set up outside), drink massive amounts of beer, and play frisbee with our sweet doggy. Cheers!

Day 19: Tennis. I've been taking tennis lessons for three weeks now and my husband and I went and played for an hour today. I've improved greatly over these past weeks and, y'all, I LOVE tennis! Love it! Can't wait to play tomorrow!

Day 20: Maggie. We call her Maggie, Maggie May, Macaroon, Magdalena, but normally she's called Moops. She's my dog and is all waggy tail and sweet eyes. I love that girl.